Great Neck Saw Manufacturing Hickory Framing Hammer (20 Oz.)

Great Neck Saw Manufacturing

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The GreatNeck Hickory Framing Hammer (20 Oz.) combines the great feel of an old fashioned quality hickory handle with efficient utility. It features a drop forged steel head that is fully clear-coated to resist rust and a checkered face design to help drive that nail home. Its longer length provides increased power while a shock absorbing balanced and patterned hammer head reduces fatigue.

Genuine Hickory Handle Resists Chipping, Lasts Longer
Drop Forged Steel Head for Strength and Durability
Clear Coat to Protect Against Rust
Shock Absorbing Balanced Head to Reduce Fatigue
Head Secured with 2 Steel Wedges
Patterned Hammer Head Reduces Slippage
Limited Lifetime Warranty

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