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Midwest Fastener Corrugated Wood Joiner 3/8"

Midwest Fastener Corrugated Wood Joiner 3/8"

Midwest Fastener

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If you're looking to increase the sales of your location's drywall screws, bolt fasteners, nuts and bolts, and other fasteners, hanging packs from Midwest Fastener are the answer. Displayed in attractive, color-coded, trilingual packaging, these shopper-friendly products have been shown to increase sales by up to 20%. Every package is project-sized and comes with essential information printed on its reverse side. Best of all, our hanging packs are pre-priced, eliminating the need for in-store labeling and reducing the time – and labor costs – associated with stocking. From metal fasteners to stud bolts and everything in between, HangMaster products from Midwest Fastener are a great way to stock your fasteners at eye level.

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