Victor® Poison Free® Yellow Jacket & Flying Insect Trap


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Control yellow jackets, flies, and fruit flies with the Victor® Yellow Jacket & Flying Insect Trap. Ideal to use for picnics, camping, and cookouts, this trap is easy-to-use and reusable. Natural bait contains carbohydrates and protein, not hazardous sprays or aerosols and is effective in all geographic regions.

CAUTION: Assemble the trap inside and wash hands before going outside to hang the trap. The attractant is very powerful. Yellow jackets can sting and cause allergic reactions in some people.

Open trap.
Remove bait packet.
Open and empty bait into the jar.
Add 2/3 cup of water to bait or add water to Fill Line.
Swirl water and bait together.
Hang trap away from human or pet activity. If trap will be used during an outdoor activity where food is present, place traps out at least an hour before food is brought outside.
As trap fill, add water to keep yellow jackets submerged.
Once the trap is full, discard in your normal trash collection.
During peak yellow jacket season the trap is full if yellow jackets enter holes and leave again. This means that the trap surface is entirely covered with insects.
In the early part of the season (spring) and later (fall), you may want to check the trap by carefully opening the top and looking inside the trap to determine if the trap is full. If you choose to check the trap, do so in the very early morning or in the evening when yellow jackets are less active.
Once the trap is full, discard in your normal trash collection.
The attractant will last about a week during normal temperatures. Extremely hot weather will cause the attractant to evaporate quicker.
The trap is not intended to be reused; however, if the surface of the inner board is still sticky and not full with insects, you may re-bait the trap with Safer® Brand Yellow Jacket Attractant available from your retailer. Re-bait inside and follow the precautions outlined above.

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